Founder’s Message

No region on the earth is growing faster or expanding its role in international affairs than the European Indian Community and the Indian Sub continent.IndoEuropean Business Forum (IEBF) is an initiative dedicated towards building bridges of understanding between European Countries and India.

Mr.Vijay Goel (Founder of IEBF)

The IEBF is an independent and impartial body actively promoting two way flow of trade and investment between  India and EU member countries.The Indo European Business Forum is a non-profit, privately funded, non-governmental organization. Its aim is to encourage, nurture and promote bilateral business, mutual understanding and friendly relationship between industrial, service and business communities of India and Europe.The members are the leading business personalities and professionals who have contributed a great deal to the development of India and Europe.

The IEBF has been commissioned with an objective to supplement the efforts of the IEBF, UK in achieving mission of the forum and to encourage, nurture and promote bilateral business, mutual relationship between India and European Union member countries.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, (Leader India, IEBF)

The IEBF India would disseminate information and assist Indian businesses to set up their footprints in the EU. Similarly, IEBF India would act as catalyst for EU businesses to explore vast Indian market and materialize their Indian dream by providing unique operational guidance relevant to India such as its federal structure, complex laws and diverse geo-political environment.


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