IEBF Excellence Awards

The primary purpose of the IEBF Excellence Awards is to recognize, appreciate and encourage standout performance of Individuals and organizations operating in European Union and India. At IEBF, we believe that such standout performances are the foundation of an accelerated sustainable growth of our planet. The Performances are recognized not only from the field of business, but also in the area of sports, social and community services, public health, education and Skill Development.

IEBF believe that stronger, innovative, ethical, green and inclusive approach towards the community should be the corner stone of rapidly growing economies of our two region. In view of the above belief, IEBF wishes to salute individual and organizations that have not only excelled at what they do but at the same time, ensured that fruits of their rapid economic growth are available to people at large. IEBF Excellence Awardees are as follows:

IEBF Excellence Awards 2022

IEBF Excellence Awards​ 2019

IEBF Excellence Awards​ 2018

IEBF Excellence Awards​ 2017

IEBF Excellence Awards​ 2016

IEBF Excellence Awards 2015