"An Endeavor to Strengthen Strategic Partnerships between India and EU"

Established in 2007, the IEBF is an independent and impartial body actively promoting two way flows of trade and investment between India and the EU member countries. It is a non-profit, privately funded, non-governmental organization. Its aim is to encourage, nurture and promote bilateral business, mutual understanding and friendly relationship between industrial, service, and business communities of India and Europe. The members comprise leading business personalities and professionals who have contributed a great deal to the development of India and Europe. The forum acts as a facilitator between EU and Indian businesses and provides quality and superior services to its members enabling their business to strengthen and flourish. IEBF has taken a big step forward in the direction of achieving its mission by opening a chapter in India. The India chapter would further synergize the efforts of the UK office in order to take its activities to even greater heights.

Indo European Business forum is an open forum comprising like-minded people who believe that “India can offer strong and sustained business opportunities for European Union countries”. IEBF is patronized by leading personalities from both India and EU having excellence in the field of business, finance, real estate and art, to name a few. Our advisory board consists of people who are determined to create a progressive world.

Strengthening India-EU relations for a better tomorrow

To promote and encourage European investment in India and vice-versa, thereby contributing to the development of India and Europe. To act as a facilitator between the EU and Indian businesses and provide quality and superior services to its members enabling their business to flourish.

Creating better tomorrow by establishing progressive and strategic partnerships to overcome international and regional challenges

To develop trade, commerce, and economic co-operation among Europe and India by organizing trade and investment delegations, trade fairs, events, exhibitions, symposiums and the likes, thus providing a channel of communication and interaction within the business communities of India and Europe.To create awareness among Indian and European institutions including various trade bodies by providing them information about the scope of investments and the relations between India and Europe.

Strategic Importance of Indo-European Relationship​

The India-European Business Forum has been organizing regular summits and events to facilitate a progressive environment for potential business investors from India and the European Union member countries. Over the years, these summits have seen high profile business delegates from both the economies work closely to strengthen the business relations in order to pursue a constructive dialogue on trade, investment and economic cooperation.

Founder’s Message


No region on the earth is growing or expanding its role in international affairs faster than the European- Indian Community and the Indian Sub-continent. Indo European Business Forum (IEBF) is an initiative dedicated towards building bridges of understanding between the European countries and India.

-Mr.Vijay Goel, Founder of IEBF
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There is great potential in trade between India and the European Union member countries. Increased cooperation between the two economies has had a rather positive impact on sectors like energy, security, and research and innovation. Mutual investments have increased drastically in the recent years. At IEBF, we endeavor to reinforce the strategic partnerships between India and the EU to strengthen economic and cultural exchange.

- Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta , Leader- India, IEBF